Grammar Focus

Most of the people I work with are at least intermediate level English speakers. Usually starting at around B1, all the way up to native level. So the best way to study grammar is usually to find problems during conversations and study them in context. However, if there is a particular grammar point that you are struggling with, or something you just feel like you really want to focus on, we can certainly do a grammar focussed class. In these classes we focus on a single grammar point, looking at how to use it in different contexts, and the rules that we need to remember.

This is a list of the grammar classes that I have materials prepared for. If you'd like to work through one of these classes with me then please let me know before our scheduled class. Preferably a couple of days before! If there is something you'd like to take a class on that I don't have listed here please feel free to send me a message and I can build a class for exactly what you need.

To help you out, I've highlighted the classes that are most popular in green.

📌 The 4 present tenses and how to use them.

There are four forms of the present tense in English. Do you know how to use them all?

📌 The 4 future tenses and how to use them.

Making plans for the future and communicating those plans to others. That's the focus of our class on the 4 future tenses.

📌 The 4 past tenses and how to use them.

Telling stories about your past can be hard. However, knowing that you need to do it using the past tense can be scary!

📌 Articles.

The problem of articles can be a tricky one. How to use 'a', 'and', or 'the' can be difficult, so let's do a little work on it!

📌 Prepositions of time.

In the future you'll need to talk about time. So let's do the work now, not on the day, or at the moment you need them!

📌 Prepositions of place.

Do you know if the meeting is on Skype or in the office? Let's go through it!

📌 Conditional sentences.

If you needed to use a conditional sentence, would you know how?

📌 Their, they're, and there.

There are so many people who confuse these words in their written English. Do you know the difference?

📌 Posessive plurals.

How do we express that more than one person owns something? Let's find out.

📌 There Is/There Are + Nouns in a Series.

Making lists is hard, so lets make sure we do it right!

📌 Relative Pronouns – Formality Scales.

Confused between that and which? Who and whom? That and where? Maybe the difference is just formality. Let's find out.