IELTS Test preparation

When it comes to IELTS test preparation I like to work in to different ways, let's call these specific and general. If you don't know when you want to take your test, you plan to take the test a long time in the future, or your English is at too low a level to achieve the score that you need, then we will focus more on general improvements. This means not necessarily working with IELTS questions and materials, but instead working with a wider range of materials with a view to generally improving your English reading, speaking, writing, and listening. While doing this however we will still focus on the skills that IELTS examiners like to see.

Specific preparation begins your level is good enough to take the test and achieve a reasonable score. Here we will use IELTS specific questions and materials to prepare you for exactly what you will be presented with in the exam.

What can we work on?

We can work together to improve your skills in all four disciplines that the IELTS test covers, (these being reading, writing, listening, and speaking). However, our time is best spent improving your listening proficiency. We can of course work on your listening and reading ability, however mostly this is best done in your own time. We can use our sessions mainly to check on your progress in these areas. Finally writing, after speaking, is usually the second most difficult skills for people. I usually set writing tasks as homework and then review them at the beginning of our sessions. Again, this is to use our time as efficiently as possible. These are all just ideas of course, if there is a way that you would prefer to work please let me know!

Here are some of the resources that we will use when preparing for the IELTS exam:

Test structure:

Making sure that you have an up to date knowledge of the test structure and what to expect is important. The best place to check this is the official IELTS website.

Practice questions:

There are lots of great places on the internet to find IELTS practice materials. Currently my favourite is although I will use many resources during our sessions. Feel free to click the image below to take a look at some of the questions that we can work with.

Keep in mind that, depending on your academic and professional goals, IELTS may not be the best certification for you. Click here to read a great article from English Live about the different certifications available to you.