Job interview coaching

OK, so this might sound strange but I actually enjoy job interviews!
I've been interviewed for many jobs and, during my time as a sales team manager,
I interviewed many people for positions on my teams.
What I've learned is that being well prepared for job interviews can make the difference between you getting the job, and someone else getting it.
Here are a few of the ways I'll help you prepare for interviews...
📌 We'll talk about the 3 stages of a great answer and how we can use this as a framework for every answer to make sure that you're presenting your experience and skills in the best way possible.

📌 We'll make sure that you're ready for the 2 most common follow up questions that every interviewer asks.

📌 We'll think about the best way to talk about negative parts of your career history. Whether you've been fired, or you've just had a big career break. We can turn these problems into opportunities to impress your interviewer.

📌 We'll talk about building a library of stories that you must be prepared to tell in every interview. These are your armoury! Go into an interview with these stories fully loaded and you'll never fear those hard questions.

📌 We'll take a look at the 2 key themes to keep in mind when answering EVERY job interview question.


We'll practice your answers and analyse them to find out how you can improve each answer to best demonstrate your skills, your experiences, and your career history.
📌 Common questions
We'll start with these. The ten most common job interview questions in English language job interviews. These are the questions that everyone needs to be ready for.

📌 Your questions
If you've been asked a question in an interview that you've had no idea how to answer, then we'll make sure that next time, you're ready to give the best answer possible.

📌 Industry questions
Whatever your industry, there are likely questions that come up in most interviews. We'll take a look at the most common questions for your industry and make sure you're ready.

📌 If you're worried about your CV / resume or your covering letter then let's work through it together. We'll not only make sure that the English is correct, but also that you're displaying your skills in the best way possible.

📌 We'll talk about how you can choose words that build trust and connection with your interviewers so that every sentence you speak adds new reasons to hire you.
Did I forget something? Let me know what your biggest worries are when it comes to job interviews and let's get to work.